Elevating Employee Wellbeing: 8 Strategies for Healthier, Happier Teams

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3 min readSep 5, 2023

Organizations that prioritize employee wellbeing reap immense benefits in engagement, retention, and performance.

But with rising stress, burnout and mental health struggles, how can companies support their people holistically?


Here we explore 8 impactful strategies to cultivate healthier, happier workforces.

Offer Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

While remote work has advantages, hybrid scheduling provides the ideal blend for many. Empowering people to shape schedules around lives boosts morale and health outcomes.

Core hours foster collaboration, while flexible periods enable personal commitments. Telecommuting options are invaluable for work-life harmony.

Provide Ergonomic Equipment

Staring at screens all day can strain bodies. Providing ergonomic chairs, standing desks, monitor risers and other accessories promotes musculoskeletal health.

On-site ergonomic assessments identify equipment needs for individual employees. Home office stipends enable proper remote setups.

Offer Comprehensive Wellness Benefits

Access to health services promotes prevention and early treatment. Offer robust medical plans, add dental/vision, subsidize therapy, and provide employee assistance programs.

Onsite flu shots, nutrition guidance, and fitness incentives encourage healthy lifestyles. Corporate gym memberships are prized.

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Check In Frequently on Mental Health

The stresses of work take a toll. Regular pulse surveys, anonymous hotlines, and open office hours allow people to voice concerns before they become crises. Leadership should encourage open dialogue around mental health without stigma.

Provide EAPs, counseling benefits, mindfulness training and resilience workshops.

Invest in Professional Growth

Stagnation breeds dissatisfaction. Offer development stipends, personalized career pathing, mentorship programs, skills training and tuition assistance.

Support side projects and internal mobility. Enable people to reach their potential through lifelong learning.

Recognize and Reward Achievements

Positive reinforcement motivates. Celebrate accomplishments publicly. Spot bonus outstanding work.

Impart equitable rewards based on the impact individuals have, not just tenure. Yearly retreats build camaraderie. Shared success brings fulfillment.

Cultivate Inclusivity and Belonging

Diverse, unified teams are happier and healthier.

Foster community via affinity/resource groups and team building activities. Discourage cliques and enforce anti-bullying policies. Promote work as a “second family”.

Encourage authenticity and openness. Prioritize collaborative spaces.

Support Recharging and Recovery

Balance is essential. Set guidelines around after-hours communications.

Remind people to take vacations, disconnect on weekends, and avoid burnout. Model self-care behaviors like breaks and hobbies. Building resilience requires regular rejuvenation.

A refreshed workforce delivers energy and creativity.

While this list provides a strong starting point, companies must continually innovate on elevating holistic employee wellness.

When people feel fulfilled and cared for, they perform at their best.

A healthy work environment pays dividends for all.

Will you invest in your team’s wellbeing?

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